Beyers Industrial Machining, Inc. is a medium-sized privately-owned business specializing in computer numerically controlled (CNC) machined parts for local and nation-wide manufacturers. The business was started in 1973 by Wayne Beyers and is currently owned and operated by his son Dale. The facility is located in Walworth, WI. It is operated by 9 employees and consists of approximately 1,000 square feet of office space and 4,000 square feet of production area containing a total of 15 CNC lathes and mills.

Expertise and Capabilities

Current production emphases include CNC turning and milling for customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace, and linear-motion fields. Complex parts can be set up and manufactured quickly using a variety of multi-axis machines that have the ability to turn, mill, and cross hole without repositioning the part in a separate fixture. Tolerances of ±0.0005" are routinely maintained. Maximum turning capacity is 19" diameter and 39" long, 4.5" through spindle; and milling capacity is 16" x 31".

Customer Service

Experience with a wide range of CNC machining applications contributes to the success of our quality system. As a certified supplier for several of our customers we participate in dock-to-stock and kanban programs with delivery windows as small as 3 days. Our customers are important to us and they receive fair quotations, excellent workmanship, and prompt deliveries.

Complete Product

We can supply parts that are complete and certified for a variety of pre- and post-production processes. Our success starts with high-quality raw materials (bar stock, plate, castings, or extrusions) obtained from reliable vendors in the Milwaukee-Chicago area. A variety of local sources for finishing processes like honing , heat treating, passivation, painting, anodize, black oxide, and plating allow us to provide parts that are complete and ready for assembly.